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History of TMRE:

Owner -Tod Miller has been involved in karting since a young age. Starting his racing career at the age of eight, he has not only built a reputation for building the best in engines, he's also built a reputation of winning big events as a driver. Today Tod, focuses his efforts on his family and the family business TMRE, driving at selected money events around the country.

Tod and family...

Tod doing interview at Tradeshow...

Daughter Bay started a couple years ago...

Showroom a few years ago...

Tod Miller returns to the "seat" in 2015 to compete in selected big money events!

Tod Miller History: Tod Miller started his racing career at the young age of eight years old. With the help from his father and legendary engine builder Robin Bradshaw.

Tod began to show his potential as a great driver early on. Traveling to S.C. for their first national event where to no surprise, Tod led the event before finally finishing a close second place!

In 1986 Tod dominated the N.C. State Series in the rookie division, winning over half the events. In 1987 Tod traveled back to S.C. track where this time, Tod qualified on the pole and won his first national event in Jr. Stock.

After several more years of wins and championships, Tod decided to try another aspect of racing, engine building.

Shown: Tod in the early days...

In 1992 Tod went to work for Competition Karting under his engine builder Robin Bradshaw. It didn't take long for Tod to make a name for himself as an engine builder. After three years with Competition Karting, Tod decided to go out on his own and start his business.

Needing a strong chassis, Tod decided to join Harrill Wiggins of Phantom Racing chassis as a dealer and racer. 1997 was the best year of Tods young career, winning all three stock classes (lite, medium ,and heavy) in N.C. State and WKA Nationals divisions, -the 97 season is the only time someone has won all three divisions.

Winning the Triple Crown and only in his second year of building engines on his own, he also won Mechanic of the Year honors from the World Karting Association. Not only did Tod accomplish this feat, his customers also won 19 state titles and 9 national titles.

TMRE continues to be recognized for his engine offerings. Today it's not just WKA events where his engines excel, but now he's often recognized as building power for many different types of racing besides karting. His customers have too many wins and championships to even try to total up!

Be sure to visit the winners page of the site, you can read for yourself what TMRE customers have to say about Tod, his staff and and his winning engines.

Special message from the Webmaster: A competitor once referred to Tod's ability to win the prestigious races, the big money races, the biggest prizes in karting and to do so time after time to me over the phone. It's likely the biggest compliment I've ever heard another race driver who raced against him at one of these big events, give another driver when he simply blurted out to me over the phone; "Tod Miller IS A MACHINE!"

Today it's rare to find an engine builder who truly cares about the product they offer. Not only is the quality of the engines important to TMRE, so is the standard each engine must meet. Not only in power but also in longevity, Tod offers his customer the exact same product he races himself.
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